Are you frustrated
with technology?

You have WAY better things to do with
your time. Like enjoying mojitos on a patio,
closing deals, or spending time with family. Let
Macinhome solve your tech problems.

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Your time is much more valuable growing your business than hassling with technology. Let us deliver fast solutions on your schedule.

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Macinhome has an entire team of highly
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We'll make your tech problems go away faster than you can say “Omm.” Contact Macinhome and rediscover your love of technology.


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Frustrated with Technology?

You have WAY better things to do with your time. Like enjoying mojitos on a patio, closing deals, or spending time with family. Let Macinhome solve your tech problems. Where does it hurt?

My stuff isn’t working

Solve it!

Everything seems to be a mess!

Solve it!

I can’t get hold of people

Solve it!

It hurts everywhere!

Help! There are too many problems to describe. Please just solve them!

Your things aren’t syncing?

We’ll help you get all your technology working together beautifully.

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Email not working right?

If you’re having trouble with your Email, we’ll get it working again quickly.

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Need help setting up?

Our experts are ready to help you get productive with your new gear.

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Problems with Passwords?

From organizing your passwords to backup and security, we’re here to help.

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Macinhome video library

Check out Lucas Roberts’ amazing video tips for saving hours of your life, avoiding frustrations and to help you become a Jedi of all things Apple. Here’s a sample to get you started. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with the latest additions!

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What others are saying

Here's what real people are saying about Macinhome

"Love, love love that you guys travel to my office instead of me having to travel to you. Huge time saver for me!"

− Rob Kaiser, Revivae Consulting

"Very straightforward and Matthew is lovely to learn from. Easy, not intimidating. Handled all our problems well."

− Kevin

"Ashley was very professional and performed the work to my full satisfaction. He gave me advice on other tools to use and ensured I was properly informed."

− Daniel Z.

"Rod was extremely patient, polite and determined to help. I really appreciated his commitment to getting to the end goal. His expertise was of significant value to me. It is a brilliant service you offer!"

− Kate

"AMAZING, thank you very much! Matthew is terrifically great, and a computer genius/wizard! Very happy with getting all my computer stuff done this afternoon."

− C. C.

"Great job. Bruce wasted no time getting to a solution."

− Steve G.

"Michal is very efficient, instructive and courteous."

− Michael Conrad

"Excellent service! Mathieu was on time, productive, a clear communicator, and had a solid knowledge base."

− Anja

"Rod is lovely, knowledgeable and efficient with his time."

− Cheryl M.

"Bruce Campbell was excellent with his service. He was very professional, informative and a great teacher to help me understand my Mac, my iPhone, and soon my iPad!"

− Patti G.

"Always fantastic... I always learn something!"

− B. Curin, President, Flip Flop Shops

"Ashley was amazing. He listened and fixed an unusual problem he had never seen before."

− Tavia

"Very positive -- I had a list and we made our way through it very efficiently."

− Sue B.

"Michal rocks!"

− S. Gillard, Communications Consultant

"Machines fear me. I can think of no other reason they fall apart in my hands. Mathieu seems to have made my computer fear me less."

− Roma Dehr